Custom Sunroom Additions


Sunroom Additions and Patio Enclosures
for Years of Enjoyment


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  • Sunroom Addition
  • Sunroom Addition

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Whether you call them patio enclosures or sunrooms, these additions change your home and your whole outlook. Mornings seem brighter. Evenings seem cozier. Everyday moments seem a little more special when spent in a sunroom setting.

Cueni customers decide exactly how they want their sunroom additions to look and function. While we build all of our patio enclosures with the same standard, high-quality foundation, our customization options let you create a room that fits right into your home.

Whether you want a 3-season room or a 4-season room with insulation and heating, our custom patio enclosures will give you extra space that you love to live in. Contact us today for a quote or for more information.